Wise Resources, Inc is seeking Teammates with the following qualities:

  • High Integrity and Ethics
  • An Attitude of World-Class Customer Service
  • Entrepreneurial Spirit, Self-Starter
  • Willing to Learn New Skills

Opportunities are available for a Wide Variety of Skill Sets with Bachelor
or Advanced Degrees:
  • Business Analysts (Business Degrees)
  • Engineers (Electrical, Design, Test, etc. Engineering Degrees)
  • Technical (Information Technology, Computer Science, Databases,
    etc. Degrees)
  • Scientists (Math, Physics, etc. Degrees)
  • Other (Human Resources, Acquisition, Contracts, etc.)

Many Career Opportunities are Opening Daily!

Interested in applying for our expanding opportunities or for more

Please send Resumes to:

Coming Soon: Job Descriptions
Wise Resources, Inc.